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The End of Domestic Card Processing for us Vendors

It's now a sad reality, but all major credit card companies (Visa, MC, Discovery & Amex) will not touch us vendors with a 10 foot pole. As of now, there is no domestic bank or processor that will allow us to accept or process cards anywhere in the United States. According to sources, these major credit card providers have been warned and can face huge fines if they are found processing card transactions for us. 

Help us fight back by embracing & using alternative payment methods such as crypto-currency and P2P payment methods. Our hands are tied. 

I know that a lot of customers see this as a huge inconvenience that they shouldn't have to deal with, but trust me when I say that vendors didn't chose to stop accepting credit cards.. it wasn't a choice. We vendors are trying to do our best and find creative ways to be able to offer this great leaf of ours but we cant do this without your support. 

Help us fight back and support your local vendor, because we are in a tight spot right now.  

More info coming soon......

Help your local vendor-

Please support your local vendor by using alternative payment methods.