- Steps to Follow -

Step 1: Submit & complete your order online to obtain your total amount due.

Step 2: After the checkout process, return to this page to see your payment options.

Step 3: Once you select a payment option, you can then send the amount due as soon as possible.

Step 4: We'll ship your order as soon as we receive the payment confirmation email notice.  

Payment Options

Option 1: Zelle

Zelle is the quickest way to send money. That means orders ship out much quicker. Its also our preferred method. 

Zelle Instructions

Option 2: bitcoin

We now accept bitcoin

 & other 


Bitcoin Instructions

Option 3: Donate

You can also donate your contributions to a personal VR project of mine.

Donation Instructions

Option 4 - ViewPost

Link your checking account 

to pay with ViewPost.

ViewPost Instructions

Self-Service Payment Portal

Use the self-service payment portal below to request an invoice or to send in your own payment.

Payment Self-Service

More payment options coming soon!!!